Steps To Buying A Home

When I represent a buyer, I have their best interests at heart. Whether you’re buying a $100,000 home or a $10 million home, you will get my full attention as well as my expert and honest advice. I believe it’s my job to not only find you the perfect home, but also to educate you throughout the entire process so you know you’re making the best short and long term financial decisions. For most people, buying a home is the most expensive purchase you will ever make and it’s my job to make sure you not only get a great home, but get it for a great price.

First, we will schedule a time to meet so that I can go through my buyer checklist. This checklist contains the steps you need to follow to buy your dream home. Second, we will discuss your home buying goals, considering they may change during the process. Thirdly, I will refer you to a few great area lenders. You choose who you are most comfortable working with and move forward prequalifying with that lender so you know the price of home you qualify for and as well as how much cash you will need available on the day of closing in addition to your down payment. Fourth, I will then have the information I need so I can set up a search set for you on the MLS and email you homes which fit your search criteria. Fifth, we will set up a Market Education Tour, we take half a day and tour the areas that you may be interested in buying a home. It is a great opportunity for you to not only learn about the communities, it will help you understand what your money will buy you in each area.

Lastly, here are the detailed steps of the real estate transaction for buyers:

Step 1: Find a Realtor

Step 2: Get Pre-approved for a mortgage

Step 3: Review my home buyer’s checklist

Step 4: Market Education Tour

Step 5: Time for showings/Find the home of your dreams

Step 6: Make an offer – Get it accepted!

Step 7: Send the lender a copy of the contract – initiate loan process

Step 8: Schedule the home inspection

Step 9: Drop off your earnest money check

Step 10: Give notice to your landlord (only applies to tenants who are currently renting)

Step 11: Don’t spend extra money…keep your eye on the “ball”

Step 12: Schedule the closing on your calendar

Step 13: Attend Inspections and Review Inspection Report

Step 14: Negotiate Inspection Objection

Step 15: Review the HOA condo documents (only applies to buyers who are purchasing condos)

Step 16: Review appraisal

Step 17: Review loan with lender and make sure all required documents have been provided

Step 18: Hire movers and start packing

Step 19: Hook up your utilities

Step 20: Set up homeowner’s insurance

Step 21: Get your down payment ready

Step 22: Review final figures and loan details at least 5 days before closing…no changes can be made 3 days prior to closing otherwise your closing will get delayed

Step 23: Attend the walk through

Step 24: Wire transfer your down payment

Step 25: Attend closing/CELEBRATE!