I Would Love To Sell But…

If you’ve bought a home within the last week, chances are you already have equity. And if you bought a long time ago, you’re probably swimming in it. As my clients and friends watch the home prices rise, many of them have mentioned they would love to sell but often ask… Where would I go?


Here are three of the top ways I have helped clients take advantage of this strong market.


Option 1: Make a move-up buy while interest rates are low

You could sell your house and roll the proceeds into a down payment on your next house taking advantage of the still historically low interest rates. Rates are expected to rise again soon and that will negatively affect your buying power. This is a way to lock in a great rate on your dream home.


Option 2: Sell & Rent

A number of my clients have wanted to take advantage of selling while the prices are strong but would rather wait until the market cools to get back in. So another option is to cash out now and find a rental. I just assisted a family in doing this and would love to talk to you about how to make that happen for you as well.


Option 3: Sell and move to an area with a different price point

Many of my clients work remotely and it doesn’t really matter where their home is, as long as they have a home office with WI-fi. Some of those clients have found places where they can get more house for their dollar. Two places where they are building a lot of new construction at incredibly reasonable prices are Arvada and Morrison. I recently had clients who sold their older smaller home in Central Arvada and bought a massive and beautiful new construction home in West Arvada for under $700,000.  Essentially a lateral price point move.


I would love to help you achieve your real estate goals whether it is one of the options above or something else. Please give me a call today at 303-995-5205 or email denise@ddmhomes.com so we can get going on your dreams!

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